It seemed like a fun thing to do on a Saturday. I saw the notice about auditions being held at Hendersonville Community Theatre for a production called “Always a Bridesmaid”. I hadn’t heard of the show but honestly, after a year of lockdown, the thought of even attending an audition seemed like the most fun in, well… a very long time.

I filled out the online form and scheduled my time slot. Who did I want to read for? Heck, I didn’t know so I went bold and checked off every role. To my surprise when I attended the audition, the director was kind enough to allow me to read for every role. I was questioning that decision as, on the spot, I tried to change motivation and inflection for different characters I knew nothing about. It felt like the audition was a disaster for me performance-wise. This director was clearly the most patient soul. The fact that my eyesight has been going and I had trouble reading the script only added to the angst. Aaaand jitters about auditioning in a mask (do I keep it on? – I did) and not having performed in the theater in oh about 20 years.

When I was offered a role I flat out couldn’t believe it. Now I know the director was being truly kind. I still didn’t know how many lines I had or what type of role was being offered but to be with others again and creating a show for an actual audience (other people!) was just too exciting to pass up.

When I went for the first read-through and saw how many lines my character of Libby Ruth, the hopeless romantic, had, I truly started panicking. It went from excitement to sheer terror real quick. When is this show scheduled for?? Five weeks from now? I’ll spare the details of daily panic attacks and cut to the end where we performed “Always A Bridesmaid” to enthusiastic crowds for 6 performances. It was incredible. Strangers coming together on stage to pretend we were life-long friends and by the end of this very intense (self-induced perfectionism) yet FUN five weeks, we truly ended with very real friendships.

Hendersonville Community Theatre is a top-notch, gorgeous theatre that encourages and believes in you. If you ever see a notice for an audition, simply go for it. If you see a ton of lines, go for it. It will all work out perfectly. Somehow in live theater, it always does.

Thank you Director Jonathan Forrester who encouraged this all-female cast the entire time and quietly and confidently kept telling us, “You KNOW this. You’ll be fine! It’s coming together!” I do believe it was his calming demeanor that helped us to focus, believe in ourselves, and put on a show.

Janice Guazzo, HCT President introduced every show thanking everyone for coming back out to support live theatre and encouraging laughter for so many reasons. She would then head backstage and help us change costumes and provide any other help we would need. It’s truly a family feel at Hendersonville Community Theatre. One beautiful, talented family.

See the schedule for the rest of the season at Hendersonville Community Theater by clicking here.

Next up, Wendy Jones, backed by Richard Shulman, Zack Page, and Rick Dilling will be performing “Everything is Rosie”, A Tribute to Rosemary Clooney, for a one-weekend show July 17 & 18!

Enjoy these pictures (and costumes!) from “Always A Bridesmaid” at Hendersonville Community Theatre!