It’s been a long year without seeing the purple bus of fun driving through these streets. The wait is almost over. The Lazoom Bus is BACK starting April 1st!

Yes, there will be new protocols in place and a limited capacity on the bus of 50% but how sweet it will be to see the smiles on the bus and on the streets.

Photo Courtesy of Lazoom Tours

Below you will find what to expect when you book your Lazoom tour for April 1st and beyond.

Bus Rules

  • Masks required when entering and exiting the bus. Masks can be removed once seated.
  • Masks must cover both your mouth and nose.
  • Windows will be open at all times to promote natural airflow
  • Bus capacity will be limited to 18 passengers (the bus normally holds 41)
  • Groups will be spaced out with at least one seat empty directly in front and behind each group.
  • The first row will be permanently blocked off to provide space for the performers.
  • LaZoom is not BYOB – you can purchase a beer at the LaZoom Room, or a brew stop (if there’s one on your tour) and bring an unopened bottle or can on the bus
  • Coolers of any size will not be permitted on the bus
  • Seats will be assigned based on group size and order of booking. If you have a request to sit somewhere specific (back of bus, front of bus) please let us know 48 hours in advance. 

LaZoom Room Rules

  • The LaZoom Room is reserved for ticket holders, and will be open to ticket holders 30 minutes prior to their departure time.
  • Customers are required to wear a mask that covers both mouth & nose while in the LaZoom Room, unless they are seated at a designated table.

Customer Inquiries
Potential guests and customers can inquire about upcoming tours via phone or in person at the LaZoom Room.

Purchasing Tickets:
Guests can purchase tickets online prior to the start of the tour.
Guests can purchase tickets via credit card or cash at the LZR prior to the start of the tour

Drinking on The LaZoom Bus
If you are scheduled to ride on a bus for a LaZoom Tour, you are permitted to drink beer and wine. Beer and wine must be purchased at the LaZoom Room prior to departure. Beer/Wine may also be purchased if the tour takes a break at a retail store or brewery. All beer/wine must remain closed until you are fully seated on the bus. Any open containers will not be permitted on the bus.

Beer/Wine brought from home or another store is not allowed on the LaZoom Bus, or at the LaZoom Room.

LaZoom Room: You must wear a mask that covers your face/nose at the LaZoom Room, unless you are seated and are actively eating/drinking.
LaZoom Bus: You must wear a mask that covers your face/nose while entering/exiting the bus. While seated you may remove your mask temporarily while actively eating/drinking
Walking Tours: You are required to wear a mask for the entirety of the walking tour.

Bus Safety
The LaZoom bus will be limited to 50% capacity (maximum 20 passengers)
Passengers will be spaced according to group size. Groups will be separated by at least one seat.
Windows will remain open during the entirety of the tour ensure constant fresh air is being provided to passengers
Plexiglass will be attached to the top of each seat.

Guest Prerequisites
Guests’ may be screened prior to starting the tour, and they will be required to wear a face covering at all times. Exceptions will be made while drinking at the stops. They will also be encouraged to socially distance themselves from other parties and employees.

Each guest will have to verbally agree to socially distance and wear a face covering before being allowed to participate in the tour. When guests are purchasing tickets, they will be required to acknowledge rules regarding social distancing and wearing face coverings. They will not be allowed to join the tour if they are showing signs of COVID-19.

Guest Check In
Staff will be stationed at the check in booth and will use their own phone. (or LaZoom supplied sanitized iPad) to check guests in and sell tickets.

Guests will be given a sanitized listening pack that they can plug headphones into to listen to the tour guide. New headphones will be included in the price of the tour, or guests can bring their own 3.5mm headphones.

The LaZoom Room will be redesigned to allow for social distancing while waiting for the tour to begin. Guests can also choose to wait outside for the tour to begin.

Guest Restroom Usage
The outside accessible restroom will be for guests use only. The restroom will be equipped to reduce touch points.

Other purchases at LZR
All drinks, snacks, and merchandise purchases at the LZR can only be made by those who have purchased a ticket. Receipts for purchases must be emailed.

After Completion of a tour
Guests will not be allowed to re-enter the LaZoom Room, but will have access to the restroom

***If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, stay home!***

To book your tour visit Lazoom’s website here or by calling 828-225-6932.