If you’re going to film a documentary series on creating craft beer, you must (in our humble opinion) take a trip to Asheville.

Crafted on Amazon Prime is a show in its second season where they encourage you to:

“Join the brewers. Hear their stories. Feel their inspiration.
Try their beer.”

The breweries that you’ll see featured in Crafted‘s second season include Bhramari Brewing Co., Green Man Brewery, Zillicoah Beer Co., and DSSOLVR. The show also began streaming on their FB page Sunday night which you can see by clicking here.

There you can also watch a stream of the show’s producers talking about how much they enjoyed working with our breweries in the 828.
Perhaps the most interesting and exciting part of the series is that these breweries then collaborate on a special four-pack of beers together. The beer will be available at all four breweries starting on March 11th.
See more about Crafted the series by clicking here.