Chef Meherwan Irani of Chai Pani fame knows his way around the kitchen. With three restaurants in Asheville, Charlotte, and Georgia, anyone would be honored to personally learn his skills.


Rapper and actor Ludacris, based out of Atlanta, is the student in a new series on Discovery Plus called Luda Can’t Cook. Luda also owns Chicken and Beer in Atlanta so having Irani teach him a few things will help Ludacris both at home and at his eatery.

As Chef Irani explained to Tammy and Kipper at MIX 965, Luda wants to learn a range of different styles of food and his first pick was Indian. Who better to turn to than Chai Pani chef Meherwan Irani?

So does Meherwan show Ludacris how to cook the dishes we love so much at Chai Pani? Listen to the interview below to find out!