For the past six years, hundreds would gather in Brevard to celebrate “White Squirrel Day“.

When the rest of the world would wait to see if Punxatwney Phil would see his shadow up in Gobbler’s Knob, here in Transylvania County, it’s all bout Brevard’s ambassador white squirrel, Pisgah Pete.

Pisgah Pete will still have his moment but this year will be virtual. On February 2nd Pisgah Pete will be live-streamed from a secret location in Brevard.

Pisgah Pete not only has that innate talent of predicting the finicky spring weather in the mountains across western North Carolina, but he also must be a leatherhead at heart, because he also has a talent of predicting who will ultimately win The Big Game on February 7th in Tampa. What does Pisgah Pete know about football? Clearly, more than you or I because his 83% success rate would impress any football fan.

We will be anxiously awaiting your sage predictions Pisgah Pete!