If you’re head east (or north) from time to time you’ve no doubt seen Sheetz convenience stores. Starting at 4p on Black Friday you’ll see the familiar Wicked Weed logo on a new special holiday brew.

Using Sheetz’ own glazed vanilla donut holes, Happy Hole-idayz is a limited edition donut-infused beer that will be available in all Sheetz stores across North Carolina (68 stores), Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The beer according to Sheetz, is “a deep golden pale ale with notes of fresh-baked donuts, vanilla frosting, graham crackers, honey, and malted barley.”

Ryan Sheetz, Vice President of Marketing and Brand at Sheetz told MSN, “This year has been a tough one for us all and we’re hopeful this beer can lift the spirits of our customers as we embark on the holiday season and look toward next year.”

Justin Crouch of Wicked Weed says they “look forward to bringing this collaboration to all beer fans across PA, NC, and VA.” He says the relationship between the two businesses “goes back to the early days when we were a self-distributing brewery. During long road trips delivering beer across North Carolina, our sales team would start and end their days filling up our trucks and refueling with Sheetz food.”

Four packs of 16 oz cans will retail for $7.99.

See more about this doughnut ale here.