Music lovers have quite a cool hangout downtown in the new Citizen Vinyl in the historic Citizens Times building! The hi-fi bar and cafe – record store – recording studio – vinyl pressing plant officially opened their doors on Friday and it delivers on taste in every way!

As you walk in you notice the massively high ceilings and retro look. The bar is still about a week away from its official open, but the albums behind the bar are a sweet touch! Let’s get to the music. No matter what musical taste you have, you will enjoy the music selected as the day’s “sides”. On each socially distanced table, you will see a clipboard with the day’s “sides” which is a schedule of album sides for each hour of the day. Artists from Thelonius Monk to John Prine to Thom Yorke, Kate Bush, The Police, Michael Jackson, and of course Van Halen were just a few of the sides for Saturday. Wow. Only some of the best albums ever recorded. So this is your soundtrack. On the other side of “the sides” is a complete “This Week in Music History” that explains why some of the album sides are chosen for that day. Fun reading whether you’re with company or perhaps enjoying a solo visit. A beautiful mezzanine area looks down on the main level. You’ll also see a record store featuring, again, some of the most legendary albums ever along with incredible artwork.

A visit to the cafe is a must. In lieu of the bar not being open yet, I decided to try their ginger soda. Wow. Wow. Wow. If you love ginger…you must try. Incredible. The sandwiches were hearty, delicious, and perfectly made. I would go back for the food alone but it’s the whole musician vibe that adds to the unique mood here. This is sure to be a favorite for musicians and artists alike in the 828.

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