The great thing about pizza is that it’s always going to be amazing. And you get a true bang for your buck with Pie.zaa‘s massive slices.

You can check out the new South Slope addition with an Asheville MEGaDeal in hand! The shop offers slices that are honestly a meal unto themselves, and whole pies that will just barely fit inside your car. (Seriously, these pies are HUGE. 28 inches across, to be exact.)

They have a simple approach to their menu, with cheese, pepperoni, sausage, Hawaiian, and a delicious garden option. Co-founders Tyler Kotch and Jack Morrissey wanted to open a New York style late night pizza option, and opening during a pandemic was certainly a challenge. But these two took it head on, and with such a solid option, it’s no wonder they’ve already made a name for themselves on Instagram (you will get hungry scrolling through their feed, as a head’s up).

And with your MEGaDeal in hand, you can get $20 towards your pizza feast for just $10!