The show is called Beat Bobby Flayso an Asheville chef happily obliged.

Reza Setayesh of BimBeriBon was declared the show’s winner in its latest episode on Food Network. If you missed the premier on Aug. 9, you can see it again Aug. 13 at 8:30pm. He prepared his signature dish, Jian Bing, a Chinese savory crepe that is often a breakfast street food.

“It was an amazing experience to represent Asheville restaurants, chefs and the community,” Reza shares. “Every day we try very hard to show our love and passion by cooking and serving our community and beyond. I appreciate all the support we have had over the past two and half decades being in this special place that we call home.”

He filmed the episode in May 2019, and said getting prepared for the competition show goes back to when he was a Culinary student at A-B Tech in 1987.

“I was picked to compete at the culinary food show in Charlotte and I felt so honored. You get judged in all criteria. I can tell you that my experiences from almost 35 years ago had prepared me,” he says. He would go on to become an instructor at A-B Tech in the mid-90s, before getting the chance to come school Bobby Flay. (By the way, if you want a chance to slay the Flay one day, fall registration is still open for the Culinary Arts and many other programs.)

“What an incredible personal accomplishment for Chef Setayesh,” says Cathy Horton, Director of The Brumit Center for Culinary Arts and Hospitality and Chair of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. “Reza has been a champion of our programs for many years and we are so proud to be associated with this fine chef. We are equally proud that he looks back on his time in our culinary program as a bedrock of skills that helped to hone his craft and provide such a strong professional trajectory.”

Food Network producers had heard about the Asheville food scene, and sought out the chef to see if he’d be interested.

“Once the application went through and they set a date for me to come up. They really value your time and set up all the accommodations.”

He didn’t have to do a thing but pack his bags and answer texts.

“They picked me up from my home in Asheville. They want to make sure you show up. And they keep checking up on me to make sure I was where I was supposed to be. The only time I didn’t get a text from the show was when I was in the air.”

Hear more behind the scenes stories from Chef Reza, in his interview below with Ken & Jordan on Mix 96.5.