The next course of Asheville’s Chow Chow culinary festival has been delayed.

Organizers of the event, which debuted last year, were set to start selling tickets to this year’s festival. The Board of Directors called the timetable “unrealistic” with the Covid-19 pandemic, and faced difficulties planning the event with what social distancing rules will be in place later this year. Members voted to postpone the event to September 2021..

“It was an extremely tough decision and a decision that we don’t make lightly,” says Chow Chow Board of Directors President Katie Button. “We so appreciate the support of the community, our sponsors, and our partners during last year’s festival as well as in preparation for 2020. We’re determined to be back better than ever next year. We’ll all be ready to welcome friends and family back to Asheville and we think Chow Chow will be a great way to celebrate our re-opened doors.”

The organization will also continue its mission in 2020 with a series of events, dinners and an on-line presence that will offer meaningful content celebrating farmers, chefs, makers, and artists. The Chow Chow board remains committed to elevating Asheville’s greater creative community through food and the communal table.

Chow Chow will also shift its focus to support the many farmers, restaurants, chefs, artists, makers, and non-profits severely impacted by Covid-19.