Our super stockers at area grocery stores are working hard to keep in-demand items, such as eggs and ground beef, in the refrigerated cases. Still, there are days those items can be hard to find.

Many specialty shops such as the 828 Market at 180 North Main Street in downtown Waynesville are still open, and stocked with meats from local farms including Hickory Nut Gap. You can shop for hot dogs, ground beef, and sausages. You can also get pastas and pot pies, along with other items many consider essential: local beer and wine.

You’ll also find what you need for your morning meals, including local farm-fresh eggs and bacon.

The 828 Market is following social distancing guidance by allowing one family in at a time. An even more convenient option is call-ahead ordering at 828-246-9900. You can pay over the phone with a credit or debit card, and when you arrive, a market staffer will bring it to your vehicle.