After five years of dishing out delicious dumplings on Charlotte Street, North Asheville’s Gan Shan Station has shut down. Owner Patrick O’Cain will concentrate his culinary contribution to the828 palate at Gan Shan West, which opened about two years ago.

“I was evaluating my life, and found that I really wanted to simplify,” Patrick shares. “I wasn’t getting the joy out of it that I had in the past, and had some other ambitions  for myself moving forward.”

Gan Shan West offers counter service and has a smaller footprint than the original location. The west side, however, will be getting some menu items that had been exclusively available in North Asheville.

“It’s going to have more of a Gan Shan feel, with emphasis on delicious food. We want to make everyone feel welcome and cared about.”

Gan Shan West is located in Beecham’s Curve, at 285 Haywood Road. Hear our conversation with Patrick and chef Raymond Hui below in the828 Spotlight.