Zappers Pizzeria MEGaDeal!

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Zappers Pizzeria MEGaDeal!

Get Half Off a Specialty Pizza Pie from Zappers!

John Falk II bought the former Frank’s Roman Pizza location across from Lowe’s on Tunnel Road early this year and opened his own pizza parlor, Zappers Pizzeria.

Falk had previously co-owned a medical supply company in Hendersonville, but didn’t really have any restaurant experience. “I really wanted to do something on my own,” Falk says. For advice on the restaurant side of things, Falk planned to call on his father for advice. His father spent most of his career as a coal miner in West Virginia. Then, (also with no restaurant experience) he decided to open his own pizza place there, also called Zappers. Falk’s dad has been running his Zappers Pizzeria for the past fifteen years.
Zappers Pizzeria

According to his dad, the idea for the name Zappers came to him one night when he and some buddies were sitting around a garage, drinking some beers and watching a bug-zapper. “It’s a name you won’t forget,” Falk laughs.

When deciding on the décor for his new restaurant, Falk utilized a lot of familial influences as well. There are pieces that reference the coal mining industry, as well as the railroad industry, where Falk’s grandfather worked. There are also art pieces made from wood pallets and pizza pans. The pan artwork on front wall of the restaurant was created as a project by an art class from AC Reynolds High School. A similar pizza pan art project is currently underway by an art class from Erwin High School.

“I think what makes our pizza different is- me and my brother make the sauce and dough. It’s our own recipe,” Falk explains. “The less you fold and handle the dough, the better it’s going to proof. We barely handle our dough and that’s what gives it the lighter, fluffier crust. We also make our own garlic butter, and baste the crust in that garlic butter. Then, lastly, rather than tossing the pizza in flour, we toss it in corn meal. That’s something that I’ve carried down from my dad. It gives the crust that little bit of texture and really elevates the crust.”

Falk explains that the secret to the great flavors in Zappers’ pizzas, calzones, salads, wings, and subs is the freshness of their ingredients. “We use great ingredients. We use really great, primo cheese, made from buffalos’ milk. I don’t skimp on ingredients.” He adds that they almost never use their microwave at the restaurant. “We use it to heat up the water to make the syrup for our sweet tea. That’s the only thing our microwave is used for.”

“I want to have the best pizza pie in Western North Carolina,” says Falk of Zappers’ future. He hopes to remodel the back portion of the restaurant this summer to be more of an event venue, with a stage for live music. “East Asheville dies down at night,” Falk states. Offering a full bar and serving food late, he hopes that Zappers can bring a late-night crowd to that area. They will also be adding entrees to their menu soon.

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