3 Reasons To Spend A Night On George Vanderbilt’s Estate

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3 Reasons To Spend A Night On George Vanderbilt’s Estate

Experience A Biltmore Sleepover

If you’re squirreling away vacation days for later in the year, but you want to get away now, come to Biltmore and bring a bag. If you’ve never spent a night at one of Biltmore’s hotels, it’s a chance to wake up on the magnificent property just like a true guest of George Vanderbilt, but with so many more modern amenities and experiences. Find out more, with the top three reasons to end a day at Biltmore, with a relaxing night in a room within its gates.

1. There’s No Rush

BILTMORE SEGWAYI’m local, so I get it. Maybe you come to Biltmore to meet friends for a wine tasting, have a moment of zen in the gardens, or pick out a special gift at the Gate House. There’s always that one more thing you wish you had time to do. Perhaps it’s exploring the shops, or renting a bike. Those folks rolling along on the Segway tour – they sure seem to be having fun. (Did you know there’s an off-road version of the tour as well?) Maybe you’d like to have another glass of wine, and not rush through dinner knowing counting the remaining hours before you’ll need to wake up for work again. You’ll stare at other guests with envy, wondering what’s so special about their lives to let them leisurely enjoy a day with no visible signs of stress and worry. “What do they have that I don’t,” you’ll think to yourself. The answer: room reservations. Book a room and do everything you’d like. There’s no rush, because tonight you’re sleeping here, and you’ve taken tomorrow off.

2. Decide Where You’ll Dream

Much like George Vanderbilt, who had his choice of slumber chambers in his grande home, you too can decide which portion of the property you’ll retire for the night.

BILTMORE STAY 4Biltmore’s newest lodging option, the Village Hotel on Biltmore Estate, offers a casual and convenient way to experience America’s largest home and its warm hospitality. My wife and I stashed the kids with the grandparents for a night so we could have a little getaway here. It’s about a ten minute drive from the Biltmore entrance gate to wind your way back to the hotel, and it’s amazing how quickly you feel the stress of the day fade away the farther you get from Hendersonville Road. Village Hotel is located in Antler Hill Village, beside the Winery. If fact, a nice brick path from the hotel gets you to the Winery in about five minutes. We’d heard about this great cheese ball mix in the shop there, one of those things we never seem to have time to find. (It’s key lime – and it’s awesome on a graham cracker.) Having your home base at Village Hotel gives you opportunity to experience everything Antler Hill Village offers. Another perk of spending the night at Biltmore – there are special shuttles that take you around the property. When you want to explore Biltmore House, or pick up something for the kids in the shops near the Stable Cafe, hop on a shuttle and you’ll be there in minutes. When you return from your adventure, grab a night cap or late night bite at the Village Social before heading to your room.

biltmorestay1The Inn on Biltmore Estate offers you a luxurious stay as you enjoy superlative service inspired by the Vanderbilts. The four-star Inn is recognized by AAA, Forbes Travel Guide, Travel + Leisure, and TripAdvisor year after year. Because you’re lucky enough to live nearby, you don’t need a passport or a plane ticket to get here. Even as a local, this may be part of Biltmore you’ve never explored. Come stay and savor exquisite dining focused on the season’s local harvest. Pamper yourself with soothing and rejuvenating spa treatments drawn from the estate’s natural offerings. Why should all of the out-of-towners get to have all the fun? You deserve some relaxation, too. When it’s time to get out an explore, allow the concierge to craft more Biltmore adventures personalized for you, such as expert instruction from the Land Rover Experience Driving School and Orvis Fly-Fishing School.

3. See Neighbors Like You Get Special Treatment

After your Biltmore adventure and relaxing night at the Inn or Village Hotel, imagine waking up on the same property George Vanderbilt started his days. Enjoy the golden morning sun shining down on 8,000 acres of Blue Ridge beauty. Have a cup of coffee infinitely better than that sludge that’s probably brewing in your workplace coffee pot. Have a Biltmore breakfast. Take a stroll, do some more shopping, squeeze in another adventure. All that stress you left on Hendersonville Road – it’ll still be waiting for you when you leave, so what’s the rush?

BILTMORESTAY3Through March 19, Biltmore is offering special winter weekday rates for locals, starting at just $119 for the Village Hotel, and $139 for the Inn on Biltmore Estate. You can request the special rates by calling 877-BILTMORE, or check availability and book online, using the promo code LOCAL.

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