Miles Files: Beauty & The Beast

Miles Files: Beauty & The Beast

March 25, 2017
Beauty & The Beast

Think of this as a guide for seeing Beauty and the Beast the second, third, and sixth times. Now that you’re prepared for feeling every single emotion in existence, we can get down to some nuance.

  • If you haven’t seen this film in 3D, it’s worth it, especially for “Be Our Guest”
  • Kevin Kline as Maurice is perfect casting. Pay close attention to his comedic timing and emotional scenes with Belle
  • When the gold flakes fall from the chandelier onto Belle’s dress, did everyone else go cross-eyed, too?
  • Check out the full review and let me know what you think.

    Miles Rice

    Miles is a local actor and filmmaker. He received his acting training at Greensboro College and has worked on numerous film, TV and theater productions across the East Coast. When he's not on set or in rehearsal he enjoys critiquing movies with his cat Damian.

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