Asheville Pretzel Fest

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Asheville Pretzel Fest

Snack And Celebrate May 13

If you’re creating a new event called Asheville Pretzel Fest, then you couldn’t pick a more perfect location than a brewery.

“Asheville Pretzel Company is a growing business, and we work really hard to keep it growing,” Banjo Mitch of Asheville Pretzel shared with me. “Steve Michael (the owner) and I thought, ‘hey, we need a break from the kitchen, so lets have our vary own pretzel fest’. It’s a way for us to share our pretzels with people who may not know about them yet.”

whThe event will be 2 to 6 pm Saturday May 13 at Whistle Hop Brewing Company. The brewery is located in two real restored train cars, located on Highway 74-A in Fairview.

Asheville Pretzel Fest will feature the snack makers’ Garlic Onion and Chives, Sriracha Spice, and Original Malt varieties, along with Woogie Foods mustards and dips. There’s also a Dog Pretzel.

“That’s a peanut butter-oatmeal pretzel and is so tasty that you’ll be sharing them with your dog,” Mitch says.

The festival also includes a snacking soundtrack.

“We’ll have music from our vary own Pretzel Bandits, which is an old time Appalachian band with banjo, fiddle, washboard, and guitar. The band came about at a tasting were we thought, “no one else has a pretzel band,” so we made it happen. You may have seen us set up at Ingles giving away pretzels and pickin some tunes.” Those performances are called “Live in Aisle 5”.

Find out more about Asheville Pretzel Company here.

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