Get Sauced With Old Mule

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Get Sauced With Old Mule

While the 828 has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to craft brews, the people behind Old Mule BBQ Sauce are happy to share a meaty taste of the mountains, too.

“Old Mule began as homemade Christmas gifts for family and friends during the 1980’s while Steve was away at school and couldn’t afford real presents,” says Cheryl Modlin, who helped her husband launch the culinary craft company. The gifts were a hit, and friends and family encouraged them to make sauce on a larger scale.

“That was in 1990. It only took us another 6 years to actually get our business off the ground. Our three children have grown up in the business and have been able to learn everything from cooking to maintenance to bookkeeping, and always working with people. Our family and community have always been priorities as our business has grown.”

oldmule2The company specializes in a tasty BBQ marmalade dipping sauces. The Mustard Sauce is my favorite. I have never found anything in any store quite like it, and I’m not even a fan of regular mustard.

Old Mule sauces are cooked on the Modlin family farm here in the Blue Ridge. While it has grown in the 21st century, the company’s objective has been the same since day one. “We’re not trying to set a new North American record for sales growth,” Cheryl explains. “Our goal is simply to provide our customers with a unique, high-quality sauce that will add something special to their gatherings and meals with friends and family.”

You can find Old Mule in these area stores, or shop online.

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