MG Road – Revamped

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MG Road – Revamped

After a recent five day hiatus, the loved loungey cocktail spot, MG Road Bar and Lounge in Downtown Asheville transformed its interior while redesigning its cocktail menu, creating an almost entirely new vibe. Everything feels a bit different and new, yet slightly familiar.

We visited early evening of last Saturday, just one day after their re-opening. Having scored in finding parking on Wall Street, we excitedly entered MG Road.

Stepping inside, the first thing you notice is the new deep crimson paint covering the walls and ceiling. Next, and most obvious is the thickly woven web of holiday lights, chili pepper lights, and tinsel draped across the ceiling. This new look is a direct nod to New York’s popular East Village quadruplex of Indian restaurants known for their crazily piled lights, tinsel, and food. Even the bathrooms have been made-over. The ladies room was pepto-pink from floor to ceiling.
MG ROAD Daily Special Board

What’s New?

Once we were seated we were given the new cocktail menu: an 8.5 x 11’ pink laminated menu that felt more like a game board than an upscale drink menu. MG Road now offers a daily ‘draft’ cocktail and slushy, Tiki shots, daiquiris, and the ‘house special’- a watermelon-party-punch bowl. Yup, you guessed it, a cocktail for four served in a watermelon punch bowl. Cocktails are served adorned with brightly-colored plastic palm trees, animals, or sea creatures. You can still get your standards: draft beer and MG Road’s well-known mixed drinks, Negronis, and the like.
MG Road's New Cocktail Menu

For food and snacks, there’s a similar menu as before with lots of options for snacks, nibbles, and hearty bites from Chai Pani. (I highly recommend the spiced cashews for a light and delicious nibble!)

Overall, the transformation is quite radical. In a sense it’s a bit kitschy in comparison to before, but the new concept is smart, fun, and new to Asheville. Which are all things that lead to success in Downtown AVL.
MG Road's Cocktails

MG Road's House Cocktails

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