Enoteca Evening: A Rezaz Date Night You’ll Love

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Enoteca Evening: A Rezaz Date Night You’ll Love

Enoteca Wine Bar in Rezaz Offers Unique Drink & Dishes

Experience Enoteca: The Casual Side Of Rezaz

With the variety of worldly-inspired meals crafted by Chefs Brian and Laura Smith at Rezaz Restaurant in Biltmore Village, you can visit time and time again, exploring your way through the menu. You may get so caught up in your journey you don’t realize there’s also a unique dining experience within Rezaz – the Enoteca Wine Bar.

IMG_9100 “We wanted to give our guests the opportunity to have a fine dining experience without getting all dressed up, or all the fuss and muss that comes along with going to a fancy restaurant,” Chef Brian says.

The Enoteca experience is still full of flavor. “Enoteca features our locally made charcuterie. Smoked meats and cured sausages including meats from the American Pig just down the street. We have local cheeses from Cane Creek and Round Mountain creameries, and some imported cheeses that you just have to have.”

Follow your shared charcuterie with a selection of Rezaz classics available in Enoteca: the House Falafel with Tzatziki, Charred Eggplant drizzled with wildflower honey, of perhaps an order of Grilled Asparagus with anchovy dip.

rezazbread“Enoteca opens Monday through Sunday afternoons at 4:00, and it’s a place that really fits nicely into your day,” Chef Laura says. “Maybe you need a place to take clients, want to meet your significant other after work, or maybe you come in before an evening appointment.”

Whenever you arrive, Chef Laura and the staff can help you pair your experience with the perfect beverage.

“We have a new wines-by-the-glass menu, including a wonderful Austrian wine made from three different grapes everyone knows, but may not have had al together. It pairs terrifically with cured meat.” In addition to the extensive selection of wine, Rezaz’s mixologist are also known for making delicious craft cocktails, and if you’re feeling adventurous, are happy to recommend something new. The team members at Rezaz all seem to share the same enthusiasm and love of food and drink as much as they do. It’s a love that brought them together when the two worked for Reza Setayesh, the restaurant’s founder. Chef Brian worked in the kitchen, and Chef Laura was the pastry chef. The couple took over the restaurant about two years ago.

rezaz choc bombsThe Enoteca Wine Bar within Rezaz Restaurant also houses the display cases where you can see Chef’s Laura’s sweet temptations, including Chocolate Peanut Butter Bombs, goat cheese cakes, and a variety of cakes and other desserts. Saving room for a final course can be challenging though, when you start your meal with the delicious bread service.

“Just like the Rezaz Menu, Enoteca features our house-made bread with barberry and nigella seeds,” says Chef Laura. “We’re also playing around with some new breads coming soon.”

IMG_9121There are some items that are exclusive to the Enoteca menu, such as Local Rabbit Cacciatore and Local Seared Mountain Trout. Chef Brian says, “We’re trying to really put effort and love into the casual side of Rezaz.” Other offerings include Paella, the Egyptian Pizza with lamb and feta, and Grilled Romaine Salad with Quinoa.

Make a casual getaway around the globe, right in Biltmore Village. You’ll find the Enoteca Wine Bar within Rezaz Restaurant at 28 Hendersonville Road, just south of the railroad tracks. Click here to check out the menu.

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