The Hip Abduction brings beach flair to mountains

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The Hip Abduction brings beach flair to mountains

The sound of Florida is ready to be played in the mountains.

The six members of The Hip Abduction, the St. Petersburg, Fla.-based group that mixes West African beats with early Jamaican reggae/dub music, released their third effort “Gold Under the Glow,” on March 11, 2016.

They’ll play at 9 pm on Thursday, April 20 at Asheville Music Hall. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door. Austin-based pop singer Mobley opens the show.

The band is made up of David New (vocals, guitar), Chris Powers (bass), Dave Johnson (baritone sax, tenor sax), Sean Fote (keyboard), Matt Poynter (drums, vocals), and John Holt III (kamal ngoni, vocals, guitar).

They’ve played with the likes of Grace Potter, Ziggy Marley, Umphrey’s McGee, Thievery Corporation, Matisyahu, 311, Galactic, and Moon Taxi.

New took some time while on the road to answer some questions about beer and music.

the828: You worked with Sweetwater to develop a beer, Hipbiscus Tropical Ale, what was that experience like?

New: It was awesome being able to create a beer pairing for our tunes. We had a chat with the main brewmaster, told him what we liked and he nailed it. They met us weeks before the release at a festival in Florida for us to taste it and we couldn’t believe it. We wanted something with passion fruit and hibiscus but not overly fruity or tart. Something that could be a great day drinker for the Florida heat.

the828: You’re coming to Asheville, which is Beer City USA, any favorite breweries here in town?

New: We love them all. The band has quite the palate for good beer, it would be hard to pick one.

the828: Your music has been described as beachy, how does that vibe fit a mountainous area like Western North Carolina?

New: The mountains and the ocean are both places we can all relate to in some way. They are both full of spirit and healing energy. Being surrounded by Mother Nature inspires us to write and I think the vibe can carry over to any place, regardless of where it is on earth.
the828: How did you come to make this style of music?

New: You are what you eat. We listen to music from all over the world, mainly west African and Caribbean.

the828: You released “Gold Under The Glow” last year. How has your music evolved leading up to last year’s release?

New: This was the first time where we started to infuse dance and electronica into our sound. It was definitely a less traditional approach this time around.

the828: Which song off the new record has become your favorite and why?

New: Everyone in the band has a different pick. ‘Awake’ would have to be my favorite because of the lyrical content. Love that song.

the828: Now that a year has passed since the record’s release, what is happening with new music from the band?

New: New music is coming slowly but surely due to the heavy amount of touring we have been doing. It’s impossible to write on the road at the moment. We have a few new songs that are in the same vein and we will be putting a couple in rotation soon.

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