“Nutz About Fudge” MEGa Deal!

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“Nutz About Fudge” MEGa Deal!

Get Half Off One Pound of Handcrafted Fudge

After the economic crash of 2008, log home builder Richard Jenkins decided to try his hand at constructing something a little sweeter- fudge. He had noticed, driving through the beach towns on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, that there was a fudge shop on every corner. So, he thought he might bring one to the Asheville community.

Richard_JenkinsJenkins found an online company where he could not only buy the materials to make the fudge, but that would also send someone to train him in the fudge-making process. After that, he bought the smallest store (160 sq. ft.) in the Grove Arcade and opened Nutz About Fudge.

“The main thing about making consistent good, creamy fudge is controlling the heat. It has to stay between 165 and 230 degrees. It has to be stirred all the time.” Jenkins explains, adding, “We have a machine, which is a big kettle that is a double boiler – it won’t stick, it won’t burn and it’s got a thermostat, so you can control the temperature. And the best thing about it is it has a built-in mixer. So, you can do everything with one machine. Set the timer, and every batch is always the same. It’s never grainy or gritty.”

Offering around 250 flavors of fudge at any given time, Jenkins says that his favorite flavor the Nutz About Fudge offers is either Coconut Cream, or Butterscotch. “We can make any flavor; if you can think of it we can make it,” Jenkins laughs. The strangest flavor he has ever made was a Peanut Butter/Banana/Jalapeno that they called ‘Elvis Fudge’. They make a French Silk Fudge that is specifically for the Pisgah Inn, since French Silk Pie is their signature dish. Their fudge is also sold in the gift shops at The Grove Park Inn, Chimney Rock Park, and the Asheville Visitors’ Center. And Nutz About Fudge regularly ships to shops on North Carolina’s coast, in Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and Missouri.

The best delicious deal in town is in the Grove Arcade store, because the latest MEGa Deal is half off an entire pound of handcrafted fudge from Nutz About Fudge. Click here to get your MEGa Deal gift cards!

Jenkins admits to being surprised to find that Nutz About Fudge’s main customer-base was not children. He explains that if people aren’t old enough to have parents or grandparents that made fudge, they don’t really know what it is. So, most of his customers tend to be between the ages of 29 and 75. “We’re their first stop when they come in [to the Grove Arcade] and their last stop, leaving,” Jenkins says of his customers. “They buy it when they first come in, eat it while they’re here, buy more to take home with them.”

“There’s never an unhappy customer in a fudge shop,” Jenkins says is his favorite part of his job. “How can you be upset in a fudge shop, honestly?”

Meg Brunton

Meg Hale Brunton is a graduate of UNC Asheville. She has been a contributing writing for Sophie Magazine, Mountain Xpress, The Hendersonville Times-News and the Asheville Daily Planet. In addition to the Deal Specialist for, she is also a local singer, actress, and former frontwoman of the Bombs Away Cabaret. She currently lives in Woodfin with her husband and their four dogs.

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