Celebrate Summer At Fletcher Firefly Festival

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Celebrate Summer At Fletcher Firefly Festival

Blue Ghost Hosts Firefly Festival June 24

The mason jar had to have holes poked into the lid. Daylight needed to slowly be fading away. Shoes were always optional. The small window to chase fireflies always made for the end of a perfect day

Fireflies are part of summer for kids, just like juicy red watermelons, pool parties and shag music. As adults, ice cold beer is added to the memories.
To help start the season off right, Fletcher’s Blue Ghost Brewing Company will host its second Firefly Festival from 1 to 10 pm on Saturday, June 24.

“Basically the whole thing is a celebration of summer,” Blue Ghost Brewery’s Erik Weber said. “There aren’t many festivals out in South Asheville and we wanted to do something in the Fletcher area and we came up with the Firefly Festival. Our logo is the blue ghost firefly and fireflies signify the start of summer and we’re starting see them in our firefly field, which is our two-acre lot with the outdoor stage.”

The event will have about a dozen local artists set up to sale their products. Other booths for essential oils or yoga, and interactive booths like the snakes from Serpentarium Magic in Mills River, will also be at the event.

Three food trucks (the house kitchen Olive Catering Company, Amazing Pizza Co. and Luella’s BBQ) along with The Hop Ice Cream Cafe, will be on hand.

The event is free and extremely family friendly.
“We always shoot for that,” Weber said of the kid-friendly atmosphere at the brewery. “We’ve never shied away from being family friendly. That’s just who we are and we live by that.”

The lot behind the brewery, which was purchased in April, contains an outdoor bar and stage, along with a kids area. All will be used during the festival, as three bands The Freewheelin Mama’s (2:30-4:30 p.m.) Hustle Souls (5-7 p.m.) and Pleasure Chest (8-10 pm) will take part in the festival.

The added space will be helpful, too.

“We opened in March last year,” Weber said. “We decided to do the festival and thought we’d get a couple hundred folks, but we got about 1,500 people. That was great. It was a great advertiser for us. We brought in people who didn’t know we were there.

“This year, so far, the response on Facebook is up to 2,800 (interested) people. We’ll see how it goes. We have more space so hopefully people can bring lawn chairs and blankets and spread out and make a day of it.”

The event will also mark the release of Blue Ghost’s toasted coconut blonde ale.

“Traditionally coconut goes well in your darker beers but we wanted to do our twist on it for the summer,” Weber said. “It’s a blonde ale, light in color, the ABV will be about 5.5 percent, and we add toasted coconut that gives it refreshing, summer taste that people digged last year.”

Weber said the mango IPA will also make its return for the warmer weather.

For more information about the second annual Firefly Festival, make sure to check out the event’s page on Facebook.

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