Catawba’s Coffee Blonde

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Catawba’s Coffee Blonde

The latest small batch release from Catawba Brewing Company represents a new trend in craft beer, the paradoxically pale-colored Coffee Blonde (5.9% ABV).

Like the Cream Ale at its roots, the beer is light and crisp. The recipe takes an unexpected left turn after fermentation, thanks to aging on whole Ethiopian coffee beans. The coffee imparts delicious notes of roast and dark chocolate typically associated with Porters and Stouts, without detracting from its refreshing quality. Vanilla Beans and Lactose Sugar add a hint of sweet cream to top off this cold brew. A light beer that tastes like a dark beer, this is the perfect spring beer for coffee-lovers.

Coffee Blonde is Passport Beer 16 in Catawba’s 2017 Small Batch rewards program – available in its three tasting rooms, and in limited distribution. Passport holders who achieved a perfect First Quarter, collecting all 13 stamps, are eligible to win free Navitat Zipline Tours, in addition to their “First Layover” prizes already redeemed.

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