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A sustainable community requires a balance of resources. The integration of economy, ecology, and equity safeguards long term success. Together with AudienceNEXT, we strive to implement this framework by providing content your business can apply today to become involved and create a prosperous tomorrow!


What’s in a Name?

Filled with surprise when The Biltmore Company filed a lawsuit against Biltmore Bride, Prom & Tux, David and Denise Knapp did the only thing they could think of… Figure out a way to pay homage to their beloved town in fun fashion! While the attorneys were indicating an appeal and fight were feasible, local businesses fighting local businesses just didn’t seem to be the way they felt they should behave.

The Knapps believe in Western North Carolina as a special place where small businesses encourage and help one another. The local small business community drives our local economy. Instead of giving more money to the lawyers, giving it to charity while finding creative solutions is more fun, and certainly better for the community. Even the lawyers agreed and got excited! Now the public can help rename the store, win a gown, and support charitable donations…all in the name of fun! Click here to find out more & get involved.


Utilizing Social Media to Build an Audience

Does your organization hold goals for its fiscal year? How about your business unit’s goals? Moreover, how will your marketing plan support those overall goals? Evaluating your marketing performance is paramount. Whether your company needs to define guidelines or simply improve measurement tools for social media, evaluation is both logical and possible.

Utilizing social media to build an audience is a great way to gain momentum. Establishing measurable social media goals will ensure that your efforts are sustainable and profitable. Creating a social media plan to fit your marketing needs begins with definition of scope, and that means aligning with your organization’s overall goals. Find out five quick tips for setting measurable social media goals from our knowledgeable friends at Marketwired by CLICKING HERE..


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