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A sustainable community requires a balance of resources. The integration of economy, ecology, and equity safeguards long term success. Together with AudienceNEXT, we strive to implement this framework by providing content your business can apply today to become involved and create a prosperous tomorrow!


Asheville Color and Imaging contributes to society through their Living In Color series, which depicts a different member of Asheville’s business scene and their efforts to build community. This monthly series showcases the efforts of area professionals who go above and beyond to support positive change. This month, John Williams of JWB Elite Training and Team Carolina is highlighted for his efforts to provide the region’s youth with skills that reach well beyond basketball. To read about more professionals in the Asheville area or to nominate someone who’s living in color, visit


Part of the attraction to Asheville in the summertime is its broad assortment of events and festivals. From the Mountain Sports Festival to Baconfest, these festivities attract great amounts of attention for both planners and local organizations. It would be remiss not to take advantage of these opportunities, and live tweeting is a terrific way to bring guests to visit your business! If you are participating in a nearby event, give your followers added value with play by plays, eye spy, redemption codes, and other positive tactics to support those events and benefit your business. Read more about live tweeting in Lance Ulanoff’s Mashable article, “How I Gained 68,000 Followers by Live-Tweeting“.


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