Burger & Pint Night Big Hit at Hi-Wire

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Burger & Pint Night Big Hit at Hi-Wire

Monday nights were once a bit slower at Hi-Wire Brewing. They got busier when infused with beef from the truck parked outside the Big Top in Biltmore Village.

The food truck for Foothills Local Meats, which has been located at the brewery since last year, makes a standout burger. Hi-Wire makes standout beer.

Any Monday, you can pair them together for just $10 – you get a burger and a pint of Hi-Wire’s award-winning beer.

“Part of what makes our burgers unique is that we only use locally raised beef that we buy whole and cut and grind in our own butcher shop,” said Foothills Local Meats owner Casey McKissick. “I’m not sure who else doing a burger night can say that their beef starts this way and that it is ground in house nearly every day. The beef is dry aged for at least 14 days, ground and hand pattied.”

A recent visit proved that Burger & Pint night is a happening place. The bar area was filled with folks having pints and chatting while the indoor picnic tables contained families, business associates and a guys-night-out crew enjoying the mega-deal.

“Burger & Pint night was originally created to help boost sales on what was typically a very slow night at the Big Top,” said Hi-Wire’s Courtney King. “A few other restaurants around town had great success with a similar special, so we thought we would give it a chance.”

This isn’t a skimpy burger. Here’s how McKissick explains it:

“Our double cheeseburger is our ode to the classic ‘old timey’ burgers that I remember eating at the beach when I was a kid. They are soft and cheesy with a really nice sear on the patty from the flattop grill. We very purposefully do not adorn with all kinds of fancy cheese, arugula and other silliness — that’s not our style. The meat and our homemade dill pickles and our cooking and building process is what makes this burger what we are proud to call our own. We love it when customers eat it just the way we designed it to be eaten — yes, we do substitutions, but unless you have an allergy or serious aversion to our toppings, we ask that folks trust us on this one! Since we are a whole animal butcher shop, our french fries are fried in beef tallow for a flavor you don’t get elsewhere, and a proper nod to sustainable usage of the beef itself.”

Mouth watering? Mine, too.

Jason Gilmer

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