Elevate Summer At Adventure Center Of Asheville

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Elevate Summer At Adventure Center Of Asheville

Adventure Center Offers Fast Family Fun

We’re done with the pencils and the books. The supply of teachers’ dirty looks is depleted. Now what? The Adventure Center of Asheville is a great destination where you can make summer family memories that’ll last a lifetime.

The Adventure Center is located just 5 minutes from downtown Asheville, but nestled in a forest. It makes it possible for you to have a family getaway, without hearing a deafening chorus of “are we there yet?”.

My latest visit with my eight-year-old daughter Abby and five-year-old son Charlie started in the Treetops Adventure Park. There are five trails up in the sky, and Charlie’s now big enough for us to try one. It was a nice confidence boost for the boy when he conquered the swinging bridge and a sky walk made of stumps. (The girl, never one to shy from a challenge and blessed with much more gracefulness than her daddy, delighted in completing all the obstacles first.) One of the tails even includes a Skyak, a kayak you paddle from tree to tree.

20170602_164624We also enjoyed a couple of tours on Kidzip, the Adventure Center of Asheville’s Zipline canopy tour designed especially for kids aged four to ten, and their parents. We zipped from the clearing and into the forest, climbed up planks and walls, and had a great afternoon in the the Asheville sunshine – without any of us realizing it had been a couple of hours since anyone had looked at a screen.

The Adventure Center of Asheville also offers big zips, adventures on wheels at the KOLO Bike Park, and great getaways on the river with WildWater Adventures.

See the adventures available and make your reservation here.

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